Welcome to my Agnes & Dora online boutique!! I'm Traci :D I'm a stay at home mom of two rambunctious and geeky little boys Raine (6) and Rowan (3) and a wife to James. My husband is a chemist and a "professional student" who collects degrees for god knows what. I honestly don't know ;) I am a "Jill of all trades" and have worked in many fields. I want to do so many things that I can never seem to settle on one career path. I love music, dancing, photography, videography, graphic + web design, reading, movies and probably a million other things. We are serious lovers of karaoke. Even the kids love it. ;)  We live in a small "city" in the northwest corner of Connecticut. We dig it here.... most of the time!

Why Agnes & dora? 

When I gave birth to my youngest son I developed debilitating postpartum anxiety. Thanks to a wonderful team of doctors I was able to receive treatment and things began to look up a little bit for me. Unfortunately though the medications I needed to feel better also gave me terrible food cravings which led to an 80 lb weight gain in just 6 months.  I felt terrible physically because I put on so much weight in such a short amount of time but it took a toll on my self image as well. Dressing my new body became a chore too with plus sizes not always being flattering nor comfortable. Jeans? Forget it. Too diggy. Tops? Showed every ounce of my new body in an unflattering way.  I wanted to be healthier but I also wanted to love my body regardless of how big or small it was. I needed to love my imperfections so that I could start healing from my experience! 

Learning to loVE myself

I was working for another company for about a year and a half. A company I loved and that initially made me feel beautiful again. I was gaining back my confidence.  One thing threw me off though. I felt like I was hiding my body in their clothes rather than rejoicing in it. I wanted to accentuate what I had and learn to appreciate the body that birthed and fed two children. Hiding behind my clothes instead of accepting its beauty wasn't what I was looking for. Enter Agnes & Dora. I bought a Joplin dress to try just because I loved the print but when I put it on......... I felt truly pretty for the first time in a long long time. Soon I was buying every style I could get my hands on! Every piece I bought I fell in love even further. Within a week I had started the process of switching companies and now here we are ;) 

Why "The Fanciful fox"? 

Fanciful by definition means "(of a person or their thoughts and ideas) overimaginative and unrealistic. Existing only in the imagination or fancy. Designed to be exotically ornamental rather than practical." This fits me well. I tend to me what others call "lofty" in my ideas yet determined to see my goals through and take risks. Sometimes they fail and sometimes they reward me with an incredible life experience. I might be a bit of a dreamer but I'm not afraid to try. My sense of style could probably be expressed as "exotically ornamental" and that's putting it mildly. ;) 

Plus I adore animals. All animals. I want to snuggle them all. Even the bitey ones. I may end up in a hospital some day for doing just that. So The Fanciful Fox was born. 

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